How to enhance any room with colourful flower arrangements

Have you finally completed decorating a new room in your house? Carefully chosen the layout, the furniture, the fittings and fixtures, the colour scheme, everything..? But still think its missing that little extra something? One thing guaranteed to bring your room to life and make it look stunning is of course, flowers. Your can choose vases and flowers to compliment pretty much any room of any theme. Is it a formal dining or reception room? A few tall vases with beautiful white lillies would look fantastic, or for a splash of colour perhaps some bold red proteas and antirrhinums. Have a bit of space in the Kitchen? Try fresh flowers for table arrangements to bring colour and life to your kitchen at all times. For your plush new master bedroom suite? A lovely mixed bouquet or two with foliage and colours to match your bedding, be careful not to go for strong scented flowers though, and watch the watering on your new shag pile carpet!

Crocuses on the table

If you have a conservatory or room with a lot of natural light, then they are perfect for growing palms and other shrubs, which when complimented with a few bright and unusual flower arrangements can give your new room an almost exotic atmosphere.

Flowers do not always last a long of course, you could even look at getting some ‘plastic’ flowers that last forever, but the impact will never be as good. Depending on your budget, try rotating which rooms your have flowers in, and then after a while you could settle on refreshing the flower arrangements in the room that you enjoyed them in the most.

Five Ways to Achieve a Luxurious Designer Bathroom

One of the most recent trends when it comes to home decoration and interior design is the prevalence of designer bathrooms. Primarily, bathrooms are transformed into spa-like havens where one can relax and unwind after a full day’s work. In order for you to attain a luxurious bathroom that will make you feel the royal treatment you deserve, check out the valuable ideas and tips below.

1. A bathroom generally needs task lighting but for a designer bathroom, including ambient lighting works wonders in creating a romantic and sophisticated look. You can install a chandelier, sconces and light dimmers in the lighting fixtures. Gilt and crystal maximises the classy look of your bathroom.

(1) Traditional Bathroom by Other Metro Architects & Designers, Erwin Hawawinata

2. An antique marble-top chest of drawers can be put in along with a sink to create a beautiful vanity. Remember to leave some storage in the chest so it can accommodate plumbing fixtures like pipe drains. They keep room clutter-free. Modifications can be worth it but remember that once you alter them, there is no going back.

(2) Traditional Bathroom by Princeton Architects & Designers, Knight Architects LLC

3. Invest in under floor heating. Nothing compares to stepping on a warm floor when you step out of the shower or go into the bathroom early in the morning. This investment is worthwhile. You can use slate or ceramic tile flooring to enhance the luxurious appearance of your bathroom, but this doesn’t mean cheap floor tiles won’t look good!

(3) Modern Bathroom by Melbourne Kitchen & Bath Designers, Bubbles Bathrooms

4. Beautifully framed mirrors are in. Plain glass sheets that are usually placed over vanities are things of the past. Fabulously framed mirrors are very eye-catching adding a splendid look to your designer bathroom. To completely achieve a perfectly designed luxury bathroom, accessorise with fog free mirrors.

(4) Traditional Bathroom by Washington Interior Designers & Decorators, Heather O’Donovan Interior Design

5. Flowing drapes and curtains are great to use for your bathroom windows. Shutters and roller blinds are now a thing of the past. Although, keep the bathroom’s size in mind so you won’t end up overwhelming the space. Materials like silk and velvet can work wonders. Add fringe and tassels for embellishment.

(5) Traditional Bathroom by Raleigh General Contractors, John C. Sanders and Company

Sometimes, sensibly choosing the right accessories can have a big effect in achieving a luxury bathroom design without the need to spend much. For instance, you can find antique crystal bottles in flea markets to put your cotton balls and Q-tips. Decanters can be filled with mouthwash. Silver, crystal or brass trays are also useful in organising jars and containers. All these simple add on make the room look luxurious and organised. Overall, even if you aim to have a luxury designer bathroom, always take into consideration that comfort and functionality are still number one priorities when designing your bathroom.

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Traditional Interior Design Tips for Your Living Room

When we talk about traditional design style, it simply means following the interior design and architecture of the traditional design themes. This involves stunning designs which reverts a very nice feeling of greatness. If you want to achieve a classic look for your living room, we have provided simple ideas below on how you can achieve an aesthetically appealing design for your living room.

(1) Traditional Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators, Lauren Ostrow Interior Design, Inc

A classic design theme makes use of different lighting to set an ambience. Avoid excessive lighting around the living room. You can place chandelier, sconces, lamps, dimmers and task lights. When done correctly, lighting accentuates the room’s design scheme. It leaves a classy feel that is distinctive of a traditional design.

(2) Traditional Living Room by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators, Michael Abrams Limited
(3) Traditional Living Room by Boulder Architects & Designers, Creative West Architects’

Use of fabric for upholstery has very good effect on the traditional design theme. You can incorporate natural embroidery patterns such as flowers and leaves to enhance the appearance of the old-style interior design theme.

(4) Traditional Living Room by Beverly Architects & Designers, Siemasko + Verbridge
(5) Traditional Living Room by Beverly Hills Interior Designers & Decorators, Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

In terms of colour scheme, supplementary accent paint colours are perfect for the living room. You can use light shades of yellow, blue and green. Hues such as buttercup, spearmint, honey, cool rain, celestial blue and mint green work well. To draw attention to the details of the living room, integrate white or beige painted trim.

(6) Traditional Living Room
(7) Traditional Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators, ADEENI DESIGN GROUP

Whatever style you prefer for your living room: Tudor Style, French Style, Venetian Interior Design or Gothic Interior Design – keep in mind that it is a place where you spend most of your time and where you entertain your guests and friends. As much as possible, make it an elegant, comfortable and practical space.

(8) Traditional Living Room by Little Rock Interior Designers & Decorators, Tobi Fairley Interior Design


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Top Five Points to Remember When Designing Your Own Home

Here are five points to remember when designing your own home. Have fun and take pride in your design work output.

  1. Find an inspiration by looking around you in a new way. To start designing a space, you have to get inspired and being inspired can be found anywhere. This includes objects, structures, and even scrap – anything! You just have to open your mind and your eyes. Surprisingly, prospective inspiration can be found when you least expect it.
  2. One common mistake that is usually committed when designing a space is directly falling head-over-heels for a beautiful item. As a result, you are lured to buy it right away. Remember, just because a sofa looks good does not mean it is right for your living room. Consider asking yourself if it is the right style, the right size, the right material, or the right price. It pays to take a minute to think whether the design elements of the things you see are compatible for your design space.
  3. When designing a space, be sensible of who will be using the space. Think ahead of situations that are yet to come and not just the present conditions. Bear in mind if the space will be occupied with children, with an aging family member, or with family members that have special needs. This way you are sure that the space you are designing is still going to be functional in the years to come.
  4. Instead of copying design trends that you see online, in magazines, or in stores for your space, why not go for a style that you are still going to love years from now? Don’t just design a space just because it is trendy. The tendency is that you are just going to get rid of it once the trend is over. Make sure that the items and styles you integrate in your design are those that you surely love and are timeless.
  5. Incorporate your personality when designing a space. Not only does it bring comfort and familiarity, it also makes you feel deeply connected with the experiences, feelings, viewpoint and dreams of the ones dwelling in it. Your space should reflect who you are so that other people will also get to know you when they visit your space. For this matter, put in timeless pieces that you truly love. These pieces will serve as physical expressions of your own self.
(1) Eclectic Kitchen by Howard Lake Cabinets & Cabinetry, Dura Supreme Cabinetry
(2) Eclectic Bedroom by Charleston Interior Designers & Decorators, Margaret Donaldson Interiors
(3) Eclectic Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators, Favreau Design
(4) Eclectic Dining Room by Miami Interior Designers & Decorators, DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL
(5) Eclectic Powder Room by Yakima General Contractors, Artisan Inc.
(6) Eclectic Kids by Charlotte Interior Designers & Decorators, Holly Phillips @ The English Room


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Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

If you’re trying to attain a stylish makeover but could not find ideas for home decorating on a budget, check out some suggestions below. Low-cost ideas pointed below aim to inspire you. You do not need to break the bank to transform an ordinary space into an elegant haven.

  • Decorating your home on a budget can be done by bringing together a good balance of contrasting colours, textures and patterns. Black accents and accessories create brilliant detail. On the other hand, cream-coloured walls keep the space warm and appealing. By doing so, you can get the most out of your money.

  • A flea market is your go-to place when home decorating on a budget. If you go along with a simple colour palette, you can effortlessly mix and match items. Imagination can work wonders when you are in a flea market. Incorporating mismatched chairs and repurposing a potting table into a rustic buffet make an attention-grabbing dining room full of atmosphere.

  • Lastly, if time and money is a drawback for a complete renovation, do not fret. Doing simple alterations such as painting the backing of a bookcase can work wonders in your home decoration. You can also consider wallpapering chosen areas in the house and play with colours, textures and patterns. It adds beauty at a very budget-friendly price.

Three Interior Design Tips for Your Homes

There was a time when trends in interior design was focused on flowery patterns, wallpapers, coved ceilings, dado rails, overstuffed furniture and carpeted bathrooms – to name a few. Nowadays, everything has significantly changed when it comes to designing a house. People are stripping dense floral wallpapers and fabrics and are getting rid of clutter. Plain, neutral colours and clean, sharp-edged open spaces with chrome finishing are some features of the modern interior design. Here are three tips to achieve a contemporary style for your homes.

First off, integrate minimalism in your design. This is not just a fashion statement in interior design but also a practical way of keeping your furniture down to a minimum and your floor space clear. Thus, clutter; that can make the living space messy and unsuitable to live in; is avoided.

(1) Modern Living Room by Other Metro Photographers, Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech
(2) Modern Home Office by Other Metro Architects & Designers, HRD architecture
(3) Modern Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Designers, Min | Day Architects
(4) Modern Bathroom by Miami Interior Designers & Decorators, DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Secondly, the best option to apply to your walls is painting them with plain colours. Not only does it make the room look bigger and smarter, it is also easier to spruce up if you wish to alter the wall colour in the future. Additionally, a feature wall works wonders instead of sticking to all walls painted with the same colour. You can incorporate wallpaper with bold, colourful or patterned design on it.

(5) Modern Living Room by San Francisco Architects & Designers, John Maniscalco Architecture
(6) Modern Bedroom by Austin Architects & Designers<, Cornerstone Architects
(7) Contemporary Home Office by Burbank Interior Designers & Decorators, A.S.D. Interiors – Shirry Dolgin, Owner
(8) Modern Kitchen by Edmonton Architects & Designers, Thirdstone Inc.

Lastly, room lighting makes your space stand out from the rest. If you want your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom to look like a high quality space, invest on lighting. Soft up lighting, task lights, dimmers, and sconces can give any room some elegance. You can choose a colour from your feature wall and use it to add finishing touches such as curtains, pillows, lamp shades, or rugs. Have a theme for every room and you can use the finishing touches to create your chosen theme for every room.

(9) Contemporary Bedroom by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators<, Michael Abrams Limited
(10) Modern Dining Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators, Nicole Hollis
(11) Contemporary Bathroom by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators
(12) Contemporary Kitchen by Washington Architects & Designers, FORMA Design


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Unique Home Decor Ideas

Did you know that with the right knowledge and a tad of audacity you can make your home look fabulous? You can virtually use anything to blend seamlessly and enhance the beauty of your haven. Check out some of the unique home décor ideas you can incorporate in your homes.

Create an interesting display for your old family photos. These unique home décor ideas allow you to change the pictures easily. You can switch each of your old photo collection so they all have a chance to shine. The simplicity brings a heartfelt and casual feel to the room.

Do not throw your old wood doors just yet. Recycle them and create a unique room design. You can reuse and paint old wood doors with bright colours and turn them into bold centrepieces or even headboards. This adds an artistic touch to your home decoration. The creative and impressive idea allows you to accentuate natural materials with innovative design.

10 Interior Design Secrets That You Should Know

  • Painting conventional interior doors with black makes them look and feel classier.

(1) Contemporary Entry by Saskatoon Interior Designers & Decorators, Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

  • The secret to making your windows look larger is to hang down curtains and draperies as wide and as tall as possible.

(2) Traditional Family Room by Detroit Interior Designers & Decorators, The Yellow Cape Cod

  • An easy and economical way to add an ambiance to any area in your home is to add dimmers to lighting fixtures all over your home.

(3) Contemporary Kids

  • Adding a mirror to the wall opposite the window allows it to reflect more light in a room that does not have enough natural light.

(4) Contemporary Bathroom by West Mclean Architects & Designers, Lori Shaffer

  • Hefty upholstery pieces should be kept neutral. Smaller elements like arts and accessories should be the ones that bring colour into your space.

(5) Contemporary Living Room by Lafayette Interior Designers & Decorators, Found Design

  • Refrain from spontaneously colouring the ceiling with white. Go for a wall covering (e.g. wallpaper) or an accent colour.

(6) Contemporary Bedroom by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators, Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

  • To achieve a luxurious and custom look on your wall, try integrating trim to it.

(7) Beach Style Living Room by Beverly Architects & Designers, Siemasko + Verbridge

  • Always remember as a rule of thumb: DO NOT put a round dining table in a rectangular room. Similarly, DO NOT put a rectangle dining table in a square room.

(8) Modern Dining Room by Minneapolis Architects & Designers, Peterssen/Keller Architecture

  • The maximum amount of distance between the bottom part of your curtain and the floor should only be one foot.

(9) Traditional Living Room

  • Furniture should not be leaned directly against the wall. Instead, a space of two feet should be considered to warm up the room.

(10) Contemporary Living Room by Scottsdale Interior Designers & Decorators, Own by Design

Source: Kelly Boudreau of La Petite Fashionista Magazine, Spring Issue 2013, p.71

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Useful Colour Meanings for Interior Design

It is important to decide on the most appropriate colour for your interior design. When choosing the colour scheme for your interior walls, always take into consideration that the right colour combinations bring life to the essential rooms in your home. Therefore, consider the ambience you want for the room, the room’s purpose and the home decorations to be placed in the room when selecting colour shades and hues. Check out the meanings of each colour below in interior design and decoration.

  • White – Technically, white is not a colour. It is neutral. However, it is included in this list as it is widely used because it can be combined with other colours. Because it reflects light, white makes any room appear bigger.

Meaning: Refreshing, Pure, Simple, Clean, Hygienic, Enlightening, Innocent, Optimistic, Open

(1) Traditional Living Room by Malvern Furniture & Accessories, Sheffield Furniture Interiors

  • Red – This colour is powerful, vibrant and brings good fortune. It is a great colour for focal points or feature walls. This is a great accent colour. However, this is not advisable to be used in bedroom walls because it tends to increase breathing.

Meaning: Stimulating, Brave, Warm, Powerful, Loving, Luxurious, Bold, Passionate

(2) Contemporary Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators

  • Blue – This colour is considered safe to use in interior decorating. When used in two tones, blue creates a magnificently tranquil and heavenly space ideal for adult bedrooms and bathrooms.

Meaning: Cool, Fresh, Spatial, Balancing, Tranquil, Heavenly, Expansive

(3) Traditional Bathroom by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators, Savvy Interiors

  • Yellow – It is an innovative colour and depicts positivity and radiance. You can use shades of yellow in dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways and literally anywhere. You’d be surprised to know that cream is a yellow shade that is widely used anywhere.

Meaning: Positive, Warm, Enriching, Radiant, Welcoming, Inspiring, Sunny

(4) Traditional Dining Room by Other Metro Furniture & Accessories, COLECCION ALEXANDRA

  • Green – This is a versatile colour because it complements most colours. It creates a restful and relaxing space ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms because of the calming effect it brings.

Meaning: Calming, Harmonious, Cool, Growing, Relaxing, Balancing, Elegant

(5) Eclectic Bedroom by Los Gatos Interior Designers & Decorators, Design Theory Interiors of California, Inc

  • Orange – The colour orange is perfect to use as an accent. It is a fun and cheerful colour making it a popular choice for bedrooms of teenagers. It can also be used on a feature wall on any room of your home to make a focal point.

Meaning: Happy, Lively, Spontaneous, Warm, Cheerful, Extrovert

(6) Contemporary Kids by Winter Park Interior Designers & Decorators, Masterpiece Design Group

  • Purple – This regal colour is usually used in softer hues. They promote calmness and inner peace which is why they are used in bathrooms and bedrooms. When integrated with other colours, purple can be striking but still coordinated.

Meaning: Well Balanced, Serene, Majestic, Dignified, Supreme

(7) Contemporary Kitchen

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